Eyrarbakki – Old Harbor

Eyrarbakki September 2022 – Underwater Investigation.

For many years we have wanted to investigate the old harbor at Eyrarbakki.

Eyrarbakki was one of the oldest harbors in Iceland, as it was an old trading post/town from the Middle Ages to 19th. Century.

Written documents and stories have been told about many shipwrecks around this old harbor.

We started the investigation with a Side Scan Sonar sweep. The weather was quite good for operating the boats and sonar. There are strong currents and powerful forces around the harbor. The depth become pretty deep short distance from the shore and many rocks, and underwater cliffs.

The preliminary investigation gives us a better understanding of the sea state, currents, underwater structure, etc., and possibilities for shipwrecks or the survival of other man-made objects.


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